Media Kits

A Media Kit can contain any number of sheets of information. The smallest media kit I’ve seen has been the equivalent of three sections of information. One section that tells people about the company history, another section that talks about your specific products and\or services, and the last section that explains to people all about your industry. It sometimes contains more than three flyers worth of information. Traditionally, media kits were given to reporters or other journalists who are interviewing you about your company. They are meant to be an introduction to your company and your industry. A lot of businesses also provide these kits to potential customers or funders as a way to introduce the company to them during a pitch presentation.

The best way for us to get started is to select your audience and determine what information you’d like to share with them. Tell me about your current branding and, if necessary, share with me copies of your logo, official company colors, etc. I can create a great multi-page media kit by organizing your information into something that is effective and achieves your business’ goal. I want to help you and your business create the best first impression possible. Let’s grow your Orange County, CA business together. Contact me today to find out more!