Frequently Asked Questions

What does the estimate include?

For most estimates, the price listed is a flat rate price.  It includes the any research, initial proof (draft) plus a set amount of rounds of changes. The amount of rounds of changes you get depends on the project. Please read your estimate carefully to determine how many are allotted for the project.


What if I need more than the included pre-paid rounds of changes?

Additional rounds of changes are available at a cost of $25 per round.


Why a flat rate?

Flat rates typically save you money. They are determined by the average amount of time needed to complete commonly requested projects.


Can you do hourly rate?

Yes, I can. For one or two projects, it isn’t usually very cost effective for my client, hence the flat rate. I typically work with people on an hourly basis if they feel they have on going graphic design work that needs to be completed. If you feel my services are needed on hourly basis please contact me for more details and pricing.


What’s your payment policy?

Payment is required upfront and in full prior to work beginning. I do not start working on projects until payment has cleared. Once Payment has cleared I start working on projects either the same day or next business day. Payment is non refundable once I’ve started working on your project. If you have any specific questions about Payments, please contact me.


How can I pay?

I take all major credit cards either via PayPal Invoice or Square. I also accept PayPal and Checks. Please no money orders. If you’d like to pay cash or have additional questions please contact me.


Once you start working on my project, when will I get an initial proof?

For most projects, I can typically get you an initial proof with in 3-5 business days. If this is not the case for your project, I will let you know.